At Photography by Mikel we go the extra mile to ensure you, the customer are satisfied with our work. Mikel is friendly courteous and is helpful in helping you decide the look and feel of your photoshoot, deciding location and ensuring you have a backup plan in the event that we should face unfortunate weather. Mikel is happy to meet up with you personally to go through the entire day's proceedings and ensure all of your needs are met and a photo checklist is put in place.

Family Portraits

I believe that capturing the essence of the subject is the hardest thing to acheive in photography portraits. It is an art that demands respect to the person being photographed as it ties them with their unique personality. Capturing the identity of your subject wether they may be grown up or child holds a precious value as it traps that moment and the personality in time forever to be enjoyed and reflected upon by future generations. I believe that eye contact with the lens is important as the eyes are the windows to the soul and can say much about the subject being photographed. I take pride in these pledges that I aim to acheive with each client I meet. It is importnant for me to reflect the true personality and interpret that in a timless photograph to be cherished for years to come.

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A Photo Checklist is a special service we provide to ensure we take extra care not to miss any important shots or people that may be present on the day. If you have any overseas visitors, Nan and Pops or any special guests that you need a photograph of, We will Jot this down and make sure you get those shots so you can rest easy on your special day trusting that your special photographs are taken. It's just another initiative we take to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied.